PACo Pet Care’s “Green Team” since 2012 consists of highly devoted, experienced and knowledgeable Pet-Caretakers. We built the foundations of our business based on passion for animals, devotion to excellent service, and in-depth knowledge about animal behaviour and welfare. The animals’ safety, comfort and happiness are our priorities. We treat every animal as they would be our own whilst in our care. The entire team is devoted to continuous learning through courses, seminars, webinars, conferences and workshops.

Our Ethical Values allow us to keep high regard, integrity and respect toward each other as a loyal team and toward our clients and their pet companions. We don’t compete with other businesses, we maintain a global positive attitude and work together with other like-minded services for our clients’ best interest. This being also our contribution to follow-up and contribute in raising the bar for Pet Services to keep thriving for clients’ benefit.

Our name PACo Pet Care (formerly Pets Assistance Company) was inspired from the name Paco, the name of Barbara and Raphael’s beloved pet who rests in peace since 2011 after nearly 12 years of loyal friendship, Raphael founded the company in his loving memory on the date of his birthday. This is our way to symbolize and make our tribute to all animal friends and pet-parents who are devoted to them and are experiencing this beautiful bond and devotion and require a highly reliable service that focuses closely on their lovely pet’s individual needs. The entire PACo-Team enjoys the blessing of having their own beloved family pet-companions next to taking care of their pet-clients.

PACo’s Staff members‘ satisfaction and integrity are very important attributes. The recruitment process is very selective and ONLY qualified, reliable and passionate professionals are recruited and trusted to take care of your beloved pets. We work hard to keep providing the best working atmosphere and conditions for our team. With the right organisation, tools and supervision, we aim to ensure that any irrelevant tasks are out of the way and delegated accordingly in order to put our highest priority and focus toward the care your pets. One of these tools is our Online Client Portal allowing instant communication, feedback exchange, tracking and follow-up.

“Feedback is the breakfast of champions” and as we’re conscious that nobody’s perfect, we keep an open-mind and positive attitude for constructive criticism and suggestions from our clients and among us within the team through regular evaluations. We gladly send yearly Satisfaction Surveys to our clients because we consider it a golden opportunity to improve ourselves!

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishment toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” – Andrew Carnegie –

(Founder & Owner)

Raphael has grown up around dogs since the age of 4 and kept a deep passion for animals ever since. He started Dog Training in 1999 and got hooked with Dog Behaviour Council since 2003, which he practiced next to his day job. He founded PACo in 2012 (formerly Pets Assistance Company) and leads it as a Director and Behaviourist along with CaniSense Pet Behaviour Council.

He’s a certified behaviourist, a vegan animal-welfare supporter, active member with leading associations worldwide and is student to the works of renowned expert Dr. Ian Dunbar (see photo) whom he considers as his mentor and role model. (click HERE to read about Ian Dunbar)

Together with his wife Barbara, they have 4 lovely pets in their family: Bouboul, Brownie, Kika & Boris.

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(Dog Boarding Manager & Pet Sitter)

Barbara has been there since the start  to help strengthen the foundations of PACo Pet Care (formerly Pets Assistance Company) along with her husband Raphael in 2012 when it was still running as a small family business. Being so passionate, devoted and eager to improve her skills for our animal friends, she has successfully developed our Dog Boarding service since the very start.

Barbara is a sunshine to our pet-clients and for the team. Always there for quality moments and creating an enjoyable stay for your pets. 

Barbara, Raphael and their kids are happily living with their  4 family pet friends: Bouboul, Brownie, Kika & Boris.

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(Dog Walker & Pet Sitter)

Marion has always been profoundly devoted to animals.. She has been professionally working with dogs for over 30 years now. Aside from her role with PACo Pet Care, she is also a dog trainer at the Retriever Club in Luxembourg and in the last couple of years she attended numerous seminars pertaining to dog training and behaviour from renowned experts.

She brings her experience and skills to the team for the benefit of our pet-clients and adds-up a very sweet, fun and “mother-like” presence that we all enjoy!

Next to being a great Dog Walker, Marion is also our team’s primary Pet Sitter and has a loving natural touch with cats ! She also has the blessing of living with her sweet pets: Joyce, Fly and other home-pets from fishes to turtles.

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(Dog Walker, Dog Boarding Caretaker & Pet Sitter)

Michèle has been impregnated with the agreeable presence of pets from very early on. She has spent a lot of time on the dog-training fields watching and assisting  her mother (Marion) working with dogs and training them. Michèle continuously follows workshops and seminars pertaining to Dog Training & Behaviour to improve herself and apply it for our pet-client’s best interest, comfort and safety. 

She’s also an awesome team-player and is great at joining forces and coordinate with the team to give your pets the fun of their life! Her cheerful, positive attitude will brighten your day if you come across her 🙂

Michèle has 2 lovely cats and a sweet Labrador named Ayla who are living a long and healthy life among her family.

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(Dog Walker, Dog Boarding Caretaker & Pet Sitter)

André was born in Lisbon (Portugal), from early on he had a big compassion for animals. From feeding stray dogs, volunteering at Animal Shelters, having his own family dogs and assisting in Dog Training and Dog Walking before joining PACo. He has walked dogs for years with Raphael and assisted him in his former Dog Training classes… André was like a second father to Paco, It was simply a certitude he would end-up getting into this line of work which he has always felt being his vow !

Beside being professional and very focused on his job, André is very cheerful, easy-going and knows how to make pets have a great time!

His dog Pancho and his daughter Calie share a beautiful brother-&-sister-like bond.

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“Dedicated to Improving the World one Pet at a Time”
Raphael • Founder
“Inspiring your dog to be WILLING to follow your instructions rather than FORCING”
Raphael • Founder